Searching For Substance


Squamish Chief (British Colombia, Canada)

For most of my life I have always had this thing, this void, this emptiness; this hole that I could never fill. I never knew what it was. I didn’t even really know it existed until recently, but now, looking back I can remember thinking something was missing. A greater portion of my adult life has been spent trying to fill that hole. Money, cars, vocations, sports, music, drugs and alcohol you name it, I tried it. Nothing seemed to satisfy that craving. Nothing seemed to work. And like an addict, I would use what ever the flavor of the week was to make me happy and when it stopped, I moved on. As if the heroin I was snorting wasn’t working anymore, I had to main line it. I partied, like a lot. I felt the need to constantly surround myself with people. Thinking I needed friends and their approval. I would do the stupidest shit just to get a reaction, a laugh…something.

Over the last year or so, a tremendous amount has changed in my life; my view of the world as well as my place in it. I seem to be having some difficulty balancing all the things I have going on and all the things I want to do. Something needs to give. It has come to a point where I need to start over, to “shake the etch-a-sketch” as it were, to make a clean slate. To take a page from the book of Mike Corey from “kick the grind” I am asking myself, what would the most epic version of Brandon choose, what would Legendary Brandon Choose?

With modern technology are now more connected than ever. We have all these amazing tools like Cell phones and tablets, computers, social media, we even have Cell phones on our wrists (well I don’t because that’s just ridiculous)…everything. But because of it we have seemed to become more disconnected in the process. Conversations aren’t as meaningful because one (or both) parties are distracted by their device in the pocket or the computer screen in front of them. I need to get out and reconnect with the world.

In May of 2016 I will be embarking on the grandest journey of my adult life. I will be selling everything I own, quitting my job and leaving my home town of Reno, Nevada with only a passport, a backpack and a camera. I don’t know where I am going, nor do I know how long I’ll be gone. I will, however, be going, be moving. Moving forward in life like I have always wanted to do. I will be documenting the entire journey and I want to take you all with me on this exciting and terrifying ride. I will be doing weekly videos, vlogs, local interviews and behind the scenes to keep all of you up to date on what is happening in my crazy life and hopefully inspire you to get outside and explore the world around you.

What’s next? My house is full to the brim with all my addictions. None of which make me happy any longer. Traveling may be my last and final drug. The one that kills me, so to speak; and I’m ok with that.

2 responses to “Searching For Substance

  1. Hey Brandon, sounds like you are taking a big step into the unknown. Good for you, I have no doubt you’ll find yourself along the way and change for the better. Good luck and enjoy the journey, where ever it takes you. Cheers from Australia.


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