Jackie Barker (An Australian New Year)

IMG_2936There is one distinct advantage to being a tattooer that travels;  we get to see and do things an average traveler would normally be able to. We don’t have to be married to the “Travel Guide Books”, the tours and the tourist traps (I’m not suggesting that any of those things are bad however). We get a more local perspective and experience. For example, the things in this Video (my first one, thank you very much) that I made last night, would have never happened had I not been with tattooer friends. Jon Mesa and I just happened to be in Australia at the same time. His (tattooer) friend (and now one of my mates) Libby took us out to her friends ranch a million miles outside of Sydney. Seriously so far removed from civilization, they used 2way radios in leu of cell phones. We had to take two separate cars (one being a 4wd truck) or UTE as the call it because a car wouldn’t have the clearance to make it on the “roads”; and by roads I mean tracks cut into the landscape by cows. This was an unbelievably amazing place. I never wanted to leave. Bull whips, working dogs, flies, more dogs, crazy Aussie’s, buried cooking pots, booze, dogs, naked swimming, capsized kayaks….and that’s just from a couple days. I’m so grateful that I have a career that allows me witness to such beauty and to bathe in culture and experience. I may not have any money left in the end, but i’ll have a shit ton of stories to sell.

I wasn’t even planning on making this video then, so it’s just some random vids I snapped that week. Trying to practice making videos so that I can maintain a blog as well. Thanks for watching! let me know what you think. As always…..wheels up and lets get weird!

Filmed at Sydney Pier and Luna Park (NYE 2014) and Jackie Barker (not even sure what that means) aka: Way out in the bush North West of Sydney.

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